News and Events


  • (29/05/2012) Concurso para bolseiro de investigação no projeto “Judgments of Moral Wrongdoings and Emotion: A Neuropsychophysiological Study” do Porto X-Phi Lab/Call for applications for research assistant position in the project “Judgments of Moral Wrongdoings and Emotion: A Neuropsychophysiological Study”, at the Porto X-Phi Lab (Portuguese).
  • (10/12/2010) Are you portuguese or brazilian? Then participate in our on-line research about disgust by answering a very short questionnaire (~5-10 minutes). Click the links for the Portugal or Brazil version.
  • (10/12/2010) The Porto X-Phi Lab has just won its second grant, from BIAL FOUNDATION.
  • (20/10/2010) The Porto X-Phi Lab wins a grant competition with the project “Judgments of moral wrongdoing and emotions” (Multidisciplinary projects, University of Porto/Santander Totta Bank).
  • (13 /10/2010)Talks: Danilo Marcondes and Noel Struchiner (pics)
  • (08/10/2010)Porto X-Phi Lab Seminar (pics)
  • (01/10/2010) Porto X-Phi Lab on the UP Flash Podcast
  • (20/09/2010) The Porto X-Phi Lab, its website and seminar are officially launched. The seminar will take place in the conference room of the Department of Philosophy, on Thursdays, from 10:30 to 12:30. Coffee with biscuits will be served at 10:15.
  • (1-4/08/2010) Project workshop (pics)


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